Traveling, Fellowshipping & Learning

So it’s been a while .. right? Right. Here is what’s been up. In late June I applied for a fellowship through the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. The topic this year was youth development and in my application, I wrote about my work using sports as a means to bring individuals together & what I plan to do in the future using sports/physical activity to create conversations and bridge differences. Below has more information about UNAoC, visit the site & check ’em out. They have a ton of programs.

The UNAOC aims to improve understanding and cooperation among nations and peoples across cultures and to reduce polarization at local and global levels. It helps develop more inclusive societies, in which diversity is experienced as an asset.

Boat trip on the Nile

Boat trip on the Nile

I found out I was a recipient in late August, and on October 15 I was on my way to Morocco. My cohort consisted of 12 “emerging leaders”- we joked around non-stop with that phrase, and we all came from various countries in Europe and North America (EUNA.) I visited Rabat, Cairo, Doha and Sarajevo. I could go on & on about those 2 weeks, but I will do my best to summarize in the next 2 paragraphs.

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What do I eat??

Post Run protein shake.

Post Run protein shake.

I realized I get  so many more questions regarding diet related help than fitness related help.  Most people either

  1. Workout and then eat too much.
  2. Workout and have no idea what to eat after.
  3. Eat food they know they don’t need and workout to undo the results.

All wrong people, all wrong. There’s a ton of information out about what to eat AFTER you go out. Nuts, trail mix, yogurt, toast and nut butter are all options. There’s great sites like that offer helpful snack options (see below) as well as a plethora of information sources. I’ll break it down here….

So let’s get started shall we!?

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SWORKIT (Phone App)

A glimpse of the app

If you haven’t read in previous posts, I am not a huge user of apps when it comes to fitness and health. But SworkIt, yo… Sworkit really might have me change my mind. (Simply Work it…. how catchy.)

My mom has been using it for over a year and she loves it. Well, today after work we both needed to get a workout in but

  1. We were short on time (both had to leave about 90 mins after we got in.)
  2. It was Pouring (no hill sprints at Kelly Drive)
  3. Traffic was HORRIBLE (no driving out to the gym)

I got down about 7 minutes before her and did a little work, then she came down and turned SWORKIT on and I did it with her (my first time.) It was only 10 minutes, but it was so great. I added some intensity on my own when necessary (for instance, I doing push-ups instead of the suggested wall push-ups)

With Sworkit, you can customize your workouts. They provide cardio, strength, yoga & stretching. You can adjust your time… so she wants to increase from 10 minutes to 15 minutes, and it goes above 30 minutes. You can check out your progress, they have a HUGE list of exercises and accompanying videos for the exercises. The app can track your calories and you have the ability to customize your own workout. I totally love this jawn!

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Muse: Ava DuVernay

We all know her. She is well known because of her phenomenal directing of Selma. But for those who are film people, we have known about Ava DuVernay for years. I Will Follow, Middle of Nowhere, and her short films… especially The Door are films I could (and have) rewatched several times.  So… why bring her up? What does she have to do with “The Tenth Muse”?  Everything.

Such a great shot

Yes, Everything.

I watched Ava’s keynote address from the Independent Film Forum back in 2013. I don’t remember when, I just remember I got all the direction I needed.  I wrote about it on Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter. I was so hyped because everything made sense after she spoke.

Back then these were occurring thoughts: gosh I’m never gonna make it because I am a trainer, but I don’t show my ass. HOW will I get any type of following if I simply enjoy wearing clothes when making fitness videos? I know what I’m talking about, but does that even matter? I don’t have a mentor, I never had one and I have no idea where I’ll get one! Ugh what is my niche?… So forth and so on.  I had great ideas, but my own self held me back more than anything and anybody.

Ava talked about not needing a mentor (11:00). As you keep asking other people for time, advice, relationships etc you are, essentially, taking time away from Your Doing. Taking away from being active in this process of transforming dreams into realities. A couple minutes  later(16:30) she dropped this gem. A gem that I hold near & dear every time I stumble or get frustrated.

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Kom…what?? Kombucha. It’s a drank.

Kombucha? Why would you drink that!

My favorite flavor so far
Triology-My favorite flavor so far

I promise yall a year ago there was no way in the world I would even consider drinking anything fermented. Child please! I have a little fit when I have to take apple cider vinegar when I’m sick now!  But here I am now sipping on Kombucha and not hating it…dare I say enjoying it?

Kombucha is fermented green or black tea.It is made by adding the bacteria and yeast that grows on top of the tea. When you pop the cap it reminds me of a carbonated drink and it tastes like mild apple cider vinegar with some flavors. When I first took a sip I thought ” hmm” then I sucked my teeth b/c of the tartness, and then gave a slight nod of approval. I had the Guava and Trilogy (raspberry, lemon and ginger) flavors. There are a ton of other flavors-I purchase it at Whole Foods. Be aware: I have heard that drinking non-flavored Kombucha is ROUGH.

There are lots of claims about the health benefits of drinking it, but there’s also tons of information about adverse side effects.

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Did you really get an Instagram?

Yes. Yes, I did.

All my life, I was “anti-instagram.” Haha, but, I’m pretty serious.

I knew eventually I would get one, but things happened/are happening where I feel an IG is a great addition to the social media platforms that I have especially as I am in the process of rebranding and growing The Tenth Muse. I am trying to figure out how to best utilize IG while enjoying it and exploring others. Surprisingly, I am liking it, and I fee like it is a great addition especially as I start kicking off new projects. I want to me new ppl via IG so hopefully I can!

A glimpse of all my posts thus far.

A glimpse of all my posts thus far.

My Instagram can be found at TheTenth_Muse

I’ll have some fitness videos, meal prep things, etc BUT It’s not a strictly fitness/exercise focused account because that’s not where the Tenth Muse is headed. Plus it is my brand so some of me will be mixed now. Most of my personal photos are on tumblr, but be prepared for some of me in there.

SO, hmmm, ahhh…follow me! :)

#GetThere #NewLevels

Soo, what’s been up?

Hi guys! What’s going on? It’s been a minute since I’ve updated and I am ready to come back! So let me give you a quick update

  1. I am back in Philly.
  2. Since moving back, so many opportunities have presented itself with me and fitness/training. I have been trying to step away from it, but never mind, I’m back. I’ll incorporate the community and collaborative aspects as I grow & learn & take on new challenges
  3. I am working these days, so my time management needs to be at an all time high.
  4. I have been wanting to interview people who have OR are in the process of getting healthier, now I can start because things are finally falling into place.
  5. I have tagged all my videos of me clowning around + doing some amazing fitness exercises HERE! Check them out and share em with your social media family!
  6. I am extremely excited about the future.

As always- #GetThere #NewLevels  

New info coming to you soon!  Stay tuned Muses.