Your Ideal Workout Atmosphere

Afternoon Folks!!

I started thinking about this topic a few weeks ago, and Monday after my run, I decided that it needed to be discussed.  Do you workout alone, with a buddy(buddies) or in a group? Do you like a loud gym or quiet & serious gym? Music? TV?

BGR! Columbia a few weeks ago.

I say this needed to be discussed because I am interested in your perspectives and especially interested in why.

Yall know I run with Black Girls Run (BGR) in Columbia. I usually run a 9:10-9:45 mile pace, but to be honest I have no idea, I never track what I run, my running partners do. Also, back at USC I did a few group fitness classes. I liked it because it added variety to my workouts, but at times I just was not feeling  the whole group concept & having an instructor consistently motivating and encouraging the group. Yup, that sounds AWFUL, especially since I’m a trainer. Yes, I need a push every now & again, but I don’t like people telling me that “You can do it!” or “Give me one more good rep” is that bad?

I prefer to do strength training alone UNLESS I am working out with a strength/conditioning coach. That sounds soooo snobbish of me, but that’s how it be. If you’re a friend or client, I’ll workout out with you and do stuff to keep you on track, but I wouldn’t consider it my workout. Do you get me?

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TechFitness Fusion

Maaaaan, it can be so hard sticking to goals that you set for yourself, especially health and fitness goals. BUT, yes, there is a but- technology helps to alleviate some of those struggles. Now me, personally, I tend to read about the new tech devices as opposed to using them. However, I have a couple that I’d like to highlight and a few that I have suggested to clients.

Run The Map App

Run The Map App

I have a windows phone, so options are limited on apps that can track my running mileage and speed, but I use “Run the Map” & when I do use it…ah-mazing. It links with social media sites, gives you a multitude of stats and has been super accurate! The attached picture is an email detailing the stats of that run.  The other app I use is an interval timer which is key when I do my HIIT workouts on my own.

This is a look: Polar Watch

When it comes to clients, almost everything I suggest is dependent on their goals, commitment and affordability. My Fitness Pal is a top recommendation, especially for beginners. It’s  easy to use, eye opening (you really see what you put in your body), great for reaching goals and freeeee. I plan to get a Polar watch- I really like the FT7 which is for cross-training. Now these watches come with a multitude of features and personal training through Polar…so fricking cool! I wish it came in green, but you know, that’s a personal problem.  FitBit is really popular with my friends, I definitely like the concept, especially because it tracks your sleeping, AND when several friends/colleagues have FitBit, you can get a friendly competition going. I probably won’t buy this, but I can’t predict the future ;) Continue reading

National Physical Activity Plan Congress 2015- Recap

NPAP Congress 2015 Booklet!

NPAP Congress 2015 Booklet!

I recently returned home from Washington DC. It was brisk, but so beautiful. It’s a city I love and I was happy to leave the south and enjoy city life for a few days.

I attended a conference in DC entitled “National Physical Activity Plan Congress.” The National Physical Activity Plan, or NPAP, is ”

a comprehensive set of policies, programs, and initiatives that aim to increase physical activity in all segments of the American population. The Plan is the product of a private-public sector collaborative. Hundreds of organizations are working together to change our communities in ways that will enable every American to be sufficiently physically active.

Shavon Arline-Bradley speaks to us.

I was part of the University of South Carolina team that went because of my current involvement with the NPAP. In all of my schoolin’ I haven’t actually attended a conference like this.  Public health experts & professionals who work toward promoting physical activity in some form (planning / evaluating/implementing/researching/etc) throughout the US attended.

The sessions provided over the course of 2 days were dynamic. I learned entirely too much and by the closing remarks my head hurt. It hurt because I was re-energized.  Re-energized about what is being done to promote physical activity in the US, re-energized about my project with the NPAP, and re-energized about the ways that I can contribute to the public health field.  When you go to these conferences, you see experts that you read about and it’s like Wow. Wow, I can’t believe I’m here with Dr. So-n-So. I had to read about your work in class! Now you’re here!!

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No, not Omega Psi Phi- Hi bruhs. No, not the Alpha & Omega- Hi God. I’m talking about Omega-3 and Omega-6. Both of these are polyunsaturated fatty acids (good fats) and have many health benefits! So let’s begin.

Omega-3 have anti-inflammatory properties, while Omega-6 are pro-inflammatory.  Inflammation happens when your body is responding to injury and usually you’ll see swelling, a red color etc, itching too. You need to have both anti and pro-inflammatory responses.

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3 Exercises You Need to Add in Your Workout

Hi all :)

I’m giving you three exercises that you could add into your workout to mix it up. I do all these exercises, & you know I wouldn’t guide you to a garden without the goods! I chose these 3 for several reasons

  1. They work for me.
  2. They have worked for people I train.
  3. They target more than 1 muscle, these are compound movements.
  4. You will feel it

Picture from I highly recommend you check out that website.

The first is a Single Arm Shoulder Press with Dumbbells. I really like this one because it makes you use your core more than if you were using a bar or both arms. Primary muscles worked are you Deltoids aka Shoulders. The front part of your shoulders are worked the most, but the other parts of your shoulders are activated also. To a lesser extent, your triceps muscles activated. To stabilize and help the motion, other back muscles are needed too + your core! Do not forget to tighten your core. Check out more info here.


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It’s more mental than physical, right?

I originally planned to title this post Goals and Gains, but as I thought about my goals as they relate to fitness, I have to mentally prepare myself.  My goal this year is to squat 200 pounds. Yup, 200. It looks crazy, it sounds crazy…everything about that goal is so nuts to me. How will I get to that point of lifting 200- that is a huge concern.

First, I made the excuse that I needed spotters. That’s not really true. 
Then, I made the excuse that my course load was too heavy last year.  Kinda true.
Constantly, I say I’m too small to lift that much.  SO untrue. 

Small Person, Heavy Lifter. Beware.

I finally decided to be honest with myself, and realized it was fear. Now, I’m at a point that I really want to get over this hump where I am now (squatting 155 pounds.)  By telling myself that I can reach 200, that released doubt in itself.  By verbalizing how I’m feeling, I now go into every workout with a different mindset.

See, that’s where things are different. My mindset isn’t the same anymore. I plan out so much when it comes to my day and how I run my life, why not start methodically increasing weights and changing my workout plan so that I can get to 200 pounds?

Well I have been doing this, and it has made such a difference, in just 1 week. So yea, workout and get your exercise, but try something that challenges you. Try something makes you use skills that are transferable in other areas of your life.  Not only will it help you reach your fitness goals, but you might just start thinking differently when you are out the gym. Last year I climbed and there were many logic components that lifting and running doesn’t have.  Now, I am going about my lifting methodically. I hope I’ll be able to climb again soon or maybe kayak, ski or camp, but for now I’m doing this. (I associate outdoor recreations with a more mental component, but that’s just me.)

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2015: The Year of Consistency

Yay!!! I have returned!  Guys I am back and I cannot wait to start writing again. So let me do a quick recap.

  • I graduated in December with my Masters of Public Health, the concentration was Physical Activity meaning half of my courses were in the exercise science dept. Remember my undergrad degree was in ex. sci..I’m never leaaaaving!!!
  • I am still swole on tha low tho.  Cross me and your legs may get broken. Nobody crosses me.
  • I am now 25 and 2015 started another, very different, chapter in my life.

My theme this year is consistency. It’s broad and I know this, but I feel like this year I can really set the foundation in many aspects of my life. Therefore, I am aiming to be consistent in my efforts, thoughts, intentions, actions and words all year long. Spiritually, career-wise, in relationships, financially and, of course, physically.  So in addition to having goals and aspirations for this upcoming year, I have a theme. I want to see consistency daily…

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