Tennis Training

Gotta get low for this one!

Gotta get low for this one!

Tennis is my favorite sport (Yall know this..right?) I love watching it. I love playing it. I love teaching it. After my boss agreed to start giving me lessons, I had to re-evaluate my workout schedule for a few reasons:

  1. It sucks playing tennis when you are super sore from your workout the previous day
  2. I needed to start doing sport specific training, which is very different than my old routine

    I still write everything out

    I still write everything out

So instead of explaining everything I was doing before, I’ll just write about my updated workout. The picture is what I wrote up and what I use as the bases of my workout these days.  Let me explain. Tennis is a sport that requires some endurance- if you have a long match, but most often you are in a rallying fairly quickly (I’d say between 15-30 secs of intense play depending on the skill level.) In between each point you are allowed 25 seconds rest, and on odd number games you have a changeover which is 90 secs max. In between sets the rest break is 2 mins. So my training needs to incorporate that pace…That’s where the HIIT Training comes in. It’s done on a track and it allows me to train closer to how my body would feel in a match. Now I am still keeping my 3-4 mile run once a week with BGR…I need my aerobic system to be working too, I need to be able to handle endurance.

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Body Shaming Is Still A Thing?

Oh I hadn’t realized it.

Nah I’m totally kidding, I think body shaming is at an all time high. Body shaming is a result of a person saying negative comments about another person’s weight (or size), a negative attitude and, I’d go on to say, negative thoughts too. Body shaming can result in discrimination against those who are considered “overweight” or “obese.”

Body Positive Picture from Tumblr if anybody knows the artist, let me know!

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Jump, Jump (Plyo)

Welcome back! I’m writing all about plyometrics today. Soo, keep reading & learn something new, then add some plyo into your workouts.

What is plyometrics? Better known as plyo is when you are consistently, and quickly stretching and contracting your muscles. Usually this is done with jumping exercises.

Why do plyo? You are doing power training! Also, for the exercise physiology people, when you do plyo, you stress your fast twitch muscle fibers. I find plyo exercises also incorporate balance & possibly coordination (depending on what you’re doing.)

How often such I do this? Plyo is pretty intense, so start with one day a week. Increase to 2 days and if you van handle it, 3 days a week. I would actually venture to say, do a plyo move in your workout routine frequently.

So what about weights, reps & sets? Plyo is very effective with your own body weight, however, you can add some weight to increase the intensity. Weights such as ankle weights, a weighted vest, dumbbells & plates. Reps are between 10-15 for body weight and depending on weight added-less reps. I’ve been sticking with 5  sets and that has been working for me.  Below is a photo of the plyo portion of my workouts. Let me add this: it changes and if you are doing more serious training or sport specific training, then the volume, sets, reps all change and will change frequently. This is really for a Plyo 101 guide.

How do I feel about plyo? Love it. It challenges me, plus it adds variation into the workout. It’s easy to get hurt so start out with one day, 1 jump exercise and gradually increase. There are a ton of exercises and it get’s the job done! It’s great to add in a circuit or HITT session.

3 Plyo Exercises

3 Plyo Exercises


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Be Nice, Kids + Other Bits of Advice

The following did happen, but the exact words, I can’t remember because…hello I’m 25, I’m not 21 and fresh anymore! All names have been changed to protect my kiddies. Leo* is in red, another classmate is in blue & I have the green text (duh.)

You can’t even get the ball over the net! Haha, You can’t play. Yo, Leo- stop we can’t talk like that, you gotta be nice. 

*stops tennis drills* Who just said that? WHO? Oh it was me Ms. Leo you weren’t here on Monday so you didn’t hear the rules, but let me tell you this & understand what I am saying- in this room & when you are with me, you do not speak like that to anyone. In here, we encourage one another, and when you speak, you are nice. Do you understand? Yes. Good. Kia let’s go, two more backhands, ready? Okay FOCUS.

I learned this summer that when you work with kids, especially in that preteen age group, you HAVE to set the ground rules first! The 10-13 age group can be so effin cruel, it has often taken my by surprise what one will say to another. But, you’re the leader, the person who has to hold it down. It took me a few tries to get it right and have confidence in my voice, but I got it.

When I think about this scenario and so many others that I’ve had while coaching, teaching or whenever else I have Rulesworked or volunteered with youth, I realize that what I’m telling them applies to me and my relationships.  As I am working to develop and maintain strong networks, I use basic advice, rules and manners that I tell children.

  1. You respect me, I respect you. I may not like you, but respect is of utmost importance. (When coaching, respect the equipment)
  2. Think before speaking.
  3. Be nice.

So yeah, I use these 3 simple rules- rules you tell a preschool class, but it has worked out well for me. But, how come it’s adults rarely practice what they preach? I’ve seen the most hurtful & inconsiderate behavior coming from peers & colleagues. How can we expect kids to respect one another when we don’t? Somebody bruk it down for me.

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A Tennis Haul!

Yoooooo! Guys!

I’m back to playing tennis again.  Like yall don’t understand I’m back for real for real. I’m getting coached and everything. My next blog post will highlight changes to my workout, but now I want to show off what I bought. (Today is a rest day.)

See this joy?

See this joy?

I have used and LOVE the Wilson Pro neon colored over grips, but everywhere I have checked in Columbia they don’t have them so I’m trying 2 Gamma overgrips.  One is the “Neon Tac” which comes in 3 super bright colors they feel okay.

The package says 4/5 for Tacky and 3/5 for absorbent. The other Gamma over grips are called “Supreme”- 3/5 for Tacky and 4/5 for moisture. absorbency. I’ll have to see which grips work best for me.

So last night I’m in Academy Sports + Outdoors to get the grips, right? I take a stroll back to the footwear department to see if they had any tennis sneaks and any that weren’t OD expensive. They had quite a few & then I saw that the Asics were on sale! I had a little debate with myself in the

Looking Nice

Looking Nice

aisle….alone, before deciding that I’d buy them. I purchased the Gel Solution Slam tennis shoe. Online has great reviews, and I can finally let my running sneaks be running sneaks & my cross training sneaks be for cross training! Yes! (I also LOVE Ascis)

Tomorrow I’ll be out with my coach hitting again, but in the mean time I just re-gripped my rackets. I have 2 Head LiquidMetal Radical

Any other tennis equipment I should be on the lookout for?? Anybody play tennis? I love love LOVE tennis. If you take away anything from this post, know that!

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PS I’m beasty on the courts. You’ve been warned

What’s your story?

Hey yall!

There’s a bunch of stories out here regarding the journey to leading a healthy life. I want to start showcasing them here, on my blog.  Usually (in magazines, news stories, talk shows etc) you’ll see the beginning and the end- the transformation. But there’s so much that happens in between- how many times did you fall off and stay off for a few months? Did you not have a support system for a while? Did you reach out to someone like an accountability buddy? What’s your favorite “junk” food that you haven’t lost your taste for..even right in this moment (for me it’s water ice, candy and pizza and hoagies and.. everything. judge me if ya want.)  So yes, I want to hear your story. I want to know where you are in this moment and how you planning to get where you wanna go…what is the journey looking like for you?

But wait, there’s more! If you have succeeded and you have improved your health, tell me about that, too.

Basically, I want to interview people. I’ve already created the questions and have several people in mind. I have skype, g-chat and emails. Guys let’s make this happen! :)

If you are interested let me know, or share with your friends/family/social media family so we can connect.

Everybody has a different journey, and your story may be the one that motivates or connects with someone else you don’t even know. Let’s do it!

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